Thursday, March 30, 2006

My sweet girl Maggie

By far, Maggie is one of the sweetest, most tender-hearted, 11 year olds I know!!!

Other than her sisters, she loves children so much!

She makes her mama very proud!

She always said she wants to be missionary.

She told me when she is old enough, she is going to YWAM for spring break and summers every year!

More pictures

If you'd like to see lots of pictures or check out a daily log you can go to
these are much better quality photos!!!

Ruben's thoughts

Ruben wasn't terribly excited to go but boy did he change his tone. He called me when they got down there and was totally exhuasted from being sick and traveling all day, but he called me the next day and was overwhelmed from the day. He said it is the best vacation he has ever been on. He said it was like therapy. He has been down there several times as a kid to visit relatives and we have been there a few times for vacation. He said he has never experienced Mexico like this. He just kept telling me that he wished I was there to experience what he was.

This picture is of a boy named David that Ruben fell in love with. They went to his village and he was the first one to come out and greet them. He came up to Ruben and asked if he could have the soccer ball Ruben was carrying. Ruben said it was completely flat so he told him to wait until he pumped it up. David said it's ok I can play with it like that. Ruben said no because they were doing other things first. David waited patiently while they cooked 200 hamburgers, sang songs, handed out clothes (donated by Gymboree) played games and did some skits. Ruben then pumped up the ball and presented it to David and made him keeper of the ball. This was an honor because by the end of the day there were about 200 kids and at each village they only left 2 balls so Ruben decided he should be keeper of one them.

Maggie, happy and eager to get the show on the road.Waiting at the airport is borrrring.

No it's not a tropical paradise but this is the view from the rooftop of the compound. Ruben called me from there because it was the best reception. He was the only one who had a phone that worked so everyone used it... Thanks Cingular!!

This is Pastor Ninos church. Ruben said is was the best rockin' service he has ever been to. Sorry Rob!

This is the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) compound that they stayed at. Actually Ruben stayed in an apartment across the street because there were so many of them. There were 8 people in Ruben's bedroom alone. 4 sets of bunkbeds. After being with all those boys for a week, he came home and realized how much he really appreciates his girls.

This is the group dedicating one of the houses built to a family. Ruben said they are basically the size of a Tuff shed with a wall in the middle.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Yes, they're back!! I missed them terribly!!
I have had company since Thurs., they
came home Fri., and then we were gone all
weekend. I will blog more in the next day or

Saturday, March 18, 2006

They're off!

The sickies are off to Mexico! They were both sneezing and coughing this morning. Poor Ruben and his nervous tummy. He hates to fly!! I hope he remembers to take his dramamine. Yes, I was blubbering like a fool! Didn't think it would bother me too much but I cried all the way home! I guess it's because they are flying to a foreign country and I can't be in control. I have to let go sometime. Ruben and I have been together for almost 18 years and have never been apart this long. Despite all this I think they will have a great time. If not at least they are together. Notice in the picture, they are both wearing their black vests. Twins, how cute!

Friday, March 17, 2006


Today I went to chapel at the girls' school to
watch Maggie do her skit "The Champion"
that she will be performing in Mexico. She was
one of the demons. She is on the left.

Flashlight? Check
Hand Sanitizer? Check
Bug Repellent? Check
I think I got everything!! Even a little pharmacy!
They both have been sick all week. Ruben is actually
sleeping right now because he came home from work
early. Mags struggled through school, but was ok.
I had to pack 2 of everything since Ruben
will be with the boys and Maggie with the girls.
I had to take a picture of this to show you the little
roll of Charmin. Isn't that perfect!!! They can each
carry these in their backpack for those remote areas
where they have to buy T.P.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


In preperation for Mag's Mexico trip with school, she had to do a report and 3-D map. I nagged at her for the past month to get it done. I decided this time I was not going to give her any suggestions and let her do it solo. Much to my surprise, she got an A+ on the map and report! Face on Mom! I am very proud of her and knew she could do it! She and dad will be leaving next Saturday for 7 days to Ensenada. They will be doing basic missionary work in villages and camps. I'm a little nervous about them going but they are sooo excited! Well, at least Maggie is! Ruben has to be on his best behavior!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Who says a girl can't do a mans job?

We have decided to take out our cheap peel and stick tile and put in real tile. Livie and Bell wanted to help so dad tought Livie how to use the drill and she drilled in over 200 screws thru the cement board and wood. Bell was the big helper and cleaned up everyone's mess.

We got a new toy last month! After telling Ruben 2 years ago I wouldn't camp anymore until I had my own toilet and shower, we decided to take a step up from tent camping. It is 23 feet long and sleeps 8 comfortably. The whole back comes down so we can take the quads. We also thought it would be great to have for traveling when the girls have sports out of town. Did I mention it has a toilet! We are very eager to take it out, but the crummy weather has put a damper on that. Did I mention it has a shower!! Ruben and the girls have slept in it a few times already to ya know "test it out". I thought this was great because I got the whole house to myself! Did I mention it has a microwave!!! I'll update you when and if we ever do get to go anywhere in it!

Daddies Darlin'

Bell and her daddy went to the father-daughter dance last Sat. Bell said she was only going for the snacks and games. SHE WAS NOT DANCING!! And she didn't. She ate, played the games and then told Ruben to bring her home because she was tired.

I'm back

Well, I tried this a month ago and figured out how to set up my blog. I think I figured out how to post pictures so here goes.....