Monday, November 06, 2006

I tried!

Well I was trying to get caught up on what's been happening in the Ramirez house but I was only able to post 5 with pictures. I will try again tomorrow, maybe. I go in for my first set of allergy shots. 2 shots twice a week for 4 months, then once aweek for a year, then once a month for 4 years! UGH!

Too much work

Ruben hadn't had a day off in almost a month so a couple off weeks ago he got off early and we went to Scandia to minature golk, ride the go-carts, ride the bumper boats and hit some balls.


School sports seasons are short. Volleyball came and went. Maggie had a blast. She was captain of her team and received 1 of only two metals from her team for high point s and sportmanship. I still can't figure out what setting to put my camera on in a gym. Any suggestions?

I still think Ruben has little man syndrome.....big truck...big slot machine..... JP has his moment of fame...we were all part of the show (The Soprano's)
Jen and "The Boss"

Do you know who this is?

Ruben....20 years ago!! Haha just kidding! Not really.....
No he's not in prison......he's in Vegas

Finally got to post it!

Vegas that is! We had a great time! Besides the strong wind the whole time and Ruben had a horrible flight there. Oh, and me getting quarentened (sp?) at the airport because the security detectors kept going off. Thanks Jen and JP for a wonderful time and the much needed break!! When are we going again? The "cool" boys!

I look like a deer in headlights or maybe it's just from too much vino!! This was the at the Soprano's last supper. What a blast!!! Ruben and his moment of fame with DeeDee from the Soprano's
And yes we saw "The King" Nice hair huh? I told you it was windy!