Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Check HIM out!!!

Ok- I think all of us who have straight teeth take it for granted. When I met Ruben ( I'll be honest here) his smile was definately NOT the first thing I noticed. I do think people judge you by your smile and whether or not your teeth are straight. Every picture I have of him prior to 2 years 7 months and 15 days ago, he never smiled. But this morning he went and got his braces off. He came home and I cried the second he walked through the door and can't stop looking at this picture of him. His first words were kiss me baby!!! What a transformation!!! He teared up and told me he never thought he would feel this way about having straight teeth. He said it's like a woman having a boob job! He said he can't stop smiling. His self esteem is through the roof!!! After leaving here on his way to work, he stopped by Dr. Wiley's (our dentist) to show her. All he said to her was "I want to thank you for something" and smiled at her. She cried too.......she was after him for years to get braces and together we finally talked him in to it.I thought he was handsome before but now he is MUY CALIENTE!!!!! So next time you see him- smile and I'll bet he'll flash those pearly whites at you!!!