Thursday, September 28, 2006

I got a new car! A mom car. No cleats, no food, no drinks and no daycare kids! With all the kids in school now I needed a car to do my running around in. Driving the gas hog by myself was just not cutting it! We had been looking at cars for about a month. We found a 2003 Mercedes that was perfect but waited too long. We got back from Vegas on Sat and on Sun went to get the Mercedes. It was gone. We had been contenplating getting it or not because even though the price was right, repairs are outragous! Cousin Shane had also been telling me we need to get a small SUV because of trunk space. I didn't want another "family" car! I guess it was ment to be.

We then headed off to Sam's Club to do some shopping and much to our surprise there was a tent sale from the Ford dealership in the parking lot. We stopped to look at the Mustang's but knew we couldn't get one because they only seat 4. Nice but not practical. In my search I had also been looking at the Ford Fusion. (I guess I am a Ford girl at heart!) The only problem is they just came out in 2006 and you can't find a used one. Ben, my neighbor who works for me, had been looking on the internet for used ones and had no luck for this area.

It must have been my lucky day because I asked the sales guy if he had any used ones and they had one! Only 15,000 miles, black leather interior, bumpin' stereo with a 6CD changer, 5 seats and a great deal! It is the SEL model which is midgarde and I love it!

A Disease?

No it's not a disease! I had allergy testing on my arms yesterday. I reacted to about 1/2, mostly trees and grasses(just like everyone else who lives in the valley). They are going to do more extensive testing the end of October. I am so happy though because I can take my allergy meds again! I had to be off of the them for the past week before testing. I also had a CT scan and they found that my sinuses are thickened (constantly swollen) from all the scaring and I have air pockets trapped between different areas of my sinuses. The doc said this is why I am so tired all the time, get frequent nose bleeds, headaches, sinus infections and a chronic cough. Not much they can about it now except treat my allergies or move out of the area...ha, like that will happen!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baby Faces

I think once kids lose their front teeth, the baby faces are truely gone........

Good-bye friend......

The first few weeks of school were hard for Maggie anticipating Georgia moving. Maggie and Georgia met when they were 5. They never went to grade school together but were on the same soccer team and swim team together. They became pretty good friends over the past 2 years. About a month before school started her mom told us they were moving to Florida because her dads job. We were all very sad because we have grown to know this family quite well. Georgia's mom is from England and her dad from Bahrain (sp?) They met about 15 years ago when Janette was an airline stewardess. They moved to California about 8 years ago. It was interesting to see how different and alike two families could be. We will miss Georgia and her girlieness and her 3 brothers friskiness. Goodbye friend!


We hadn't seen Izaiah in a while then his mom brought him by to say hello. As you can see, his Nonnie taught him how to enjoy an oreo cookie just like the rest of the kids!
He makes the funniest faces and is just a butterball. What a cutie!

Soccer has started!

I think I counted 10 balls that Maggie headed that game. She did awesome playing on the field. She hasn't played goalie yet but she's ok with that because she gets to play on the field. Going in for the block. She has never been afraid of the ball or getting kicked.
I didn't get to see Olivia's first game because I was at Bell's and Maggie's , but here is Olivia on open day climbing the wall.
Bell wants to be goalie like her big sisters. she does pretty good at it too!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ok so it's been a while....

As usual we have been busy at the Ramirez household. School is back in full swing for everyone and seems to be going ok! Maggie is adjusting to middle school quite well. She made the volleyball team and was made captain of her team. All the 8th grade girls were in awe because this is a great honor and one of the best player with good grades gets chosen. In their first game Maggie made the winning 4 points! She was very excited. I felt like a heel becasue games are right after school and I couldn't be there. This week they have a home game so I think I might take all the kids to watch! That ought to be fun!!!