Wednesday, February 21, 2007

18- boy that was a long time ago!

My boys- well as close as I'll ever get to my own. Alex-red shirt-turned 18 and we went over to hang out with he and his friends. They are a great group of boys, they are always very respectful and great with the girls. L-R Brian, Tarron, Danny, Ben, Timmy, Spencer and Alex Front-Carlo, Olivia, Izabell, Maggie and Nicho
Happy Birthday Alex!

2 for 1

Izabell lost, well actually I pulled them, the same day. One of them wasn't even attached! Poor kid had shark teeth for the past month. The teeth you can see poking through are actually 1/2 way out far from where they need to be. She destined for braces like her sisters and dad.

GG turns 82!

The many names of my gram: Gram, Mama, GG, Babe, Babs, Barb, Barbara and now triple "G", great-great grandma! I can't believe she is 82 and in such great shape. Hard to believe 34 years ago the docs gave her 6 months to live because of cancer. Yes she beat the odds and I hope I can remain as strong of a woman as she is! I love you Gram and Happy Birthday!
5 generations- her and Izaiah-amazing..... Yes Gram is silly like all the kids. She loves a party and isn't the type to sit in a corner and watch. She likes to be involved in whatever is going on. Here she is with a few of her greats! We were missing many, including Maggie because she was at a basketball tourney..........GG has 4 daughters, 1 step-daughter, 7 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandson!
And the old broad can still blow out her own candles!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Izaiah turns 1 !!!

I can't believe this precious boy is 1!! He had his birthday last month but I'm still trying to get caught up. Izaiah is a great baby! He is smart and funny and we all adore him. I am very thankful for him because I don't know where Ash would be without him! At first he just looked at his cake.....
By the time he was done, he and his dad both needed a bath!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Viper baby, as Olivia says....

Olivia had to do an extra credit project for school and she chose to do a model. That girls all about speed ya know...she picked a Viper. Man those things take a long time. I'm glad she and dad did it because I wouldn't have had the patience! I'm glad dad is good at mechanics because I wouldn't know the first thing about putting it together...
No huffing Olivia!
It's all about the detail....
Finished!! And very pleased with the end result. It only took about 8 hours!!!
AND, she got an A!!!

The sickness is gone.....

Here's Bell while sick and showing her bruise from her blood test. She was just glad they didn't have to leave the needle in there like last time when she had a hydration IV.

Since my last post, Olivia got sick and missed a week of school. Samething Bell had. High fever, a cough and just feeling like sh--.

This week they have all been back in school. I have managed not to get it, maybe it was the flu shot I had??? Or my allergy shots??? This is the first year I have ever gotten a flu shot and now I believe in them. Ususally I'm sick the whole month of January!

Damn computers!

Ok, I got my new computer, loaded everything I needed. Then the next day "CRASH" it didn't work. I had to spend 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Dell erasing everything then reloading it! They said it was the DSL CD that was corrupt! Now after the headache it is so far so good. I still have a few things to load, but for now it's fine.
I love reading everyone's post. I don't see or talk to anyone very often so it's nice to be updated on how everyone is!
Keep up the blogging!