Thursday, August 23, 2007


I got to see Daughtry last night! It was crowded, we couldn't see very well, HOT, rude people, whiny husband because it was hot and crowded, and horrible pictures because I am too short and got the back of people's heads! BUT it was all worth it because I got to hear him! There is just something about his voice I love. The girls went too and loved it!

This is my one and only good picture we got of him. Olivia actually took it standing on top of a cement platform. This is how all the other pictures turned out. The lighting wasn't got but hey when is it ever at a concert!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


My favorite time of year is over....swimming that is. We ended the summer swim season with championships the last weekend in July. We had a lot of fun this year. The girls all did very well. This was Maggie's year to shine. She worked very hard this year towards some personal goals and she did it!Izabell wore her team gear for the cheer. She enjoyed it because they did military type chants Too much for me at 7:30 in the morning!
Olivia was in such great shape at the end of the season. She took time off at a almost every swim meet!!
Maggie made it to the finals in 2 events. She had a goal of going from 1:09 to 1:07 in the 100 yard free (4 laps) She did it which put her in the finals. Then she got a 1:06 in the finals! She was so happy and made us very proud. She got 4th out of 89 girls and could participate in the meet of champs the following weekend which we decided no to do this year. Another weekend of 100+ temp and we were going on vacation anyway!

They all 3 have been discussing doing fall swim which starts next week.....not sure yet...stay tuned......

Monday, August 13, 2007


Happy Birthday to my very special girl Maggie!!! You have turned out to be an awesome young women, I can't wait to see what the teen years bring!!

What a joyous day it was 13 years ago. First child, horrible pregnancy and a party in the delivery room! Yes, a party!! Me, Ruben, my Mom, my step-dad, mother-in-law, my sister, my niece, Ruben's aunt, my grand-mother and grand-father, my friend, my Mom's friend, nurse Debra and Dr. Smith! If I forgot anyone, SORRY!

I had been on bed rest for 6 weeks and was 10 days early but Dr. Smith decided it was time. I couldn't even walk anymore because I was so swollen. I remember going to the mall and being pushed in a wheel chair it was so bad!

I went in on a Friday evening and had my membranes stripped then went out to Lyon's for dinner and went home to bed. 5:59am, I was awoke by a severe menstrual cramp then a little trickle of fluid. I woke Ruben up and told him I think it is time! We both knew the 1st child could take some time so Ruben made me a huge breakfast, I took a shower, did my hair and put make-up on. We went to the hospital (Woodland Memorial) around 9:am. Labor actually wasn't that bad with her. I didn't have any meds and she popped out at 3:35pm. 9 hours 35 mins from start to finish. She was very little though 5lbs. 15 oz, probably earlier than 10 days.

We took our precious baby home the next day but we had to bring her in the following day because she was jaundice and not eating or pooping. They had to draw blood out of her arm which was horrible! Poor Ruben had to leave the room. Her biliruben was very high and they wanted to hospitalize her. We begged to take care of her at home and Dr. Smith said he would arrange it. For the next week, I couldn't hold her except to feed and change her. She was in a tanning bed that was set-up on our kitchen table. She had felt pink glasses velcroed to her head. We had to feed her through a tiny tube taped to your finger or taped to my breast. She was so weak, she couldn't latch on to nipples including mine! Ruben and I took turns getting up every 2 hours with her because we had to take her temperature, and feed her whether she was hungry or not! From then on, she was the easiest of all 3 of my girls. Hopefully she will stay that way!!