Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm back!!

Hi blogging friends!

I'm back and ready to blog! Well almost. I got a new computer on Friday and I'm back on. I was only able to check my e-mail and send e-mail for the past few weeks. I will hopefully have time after Wed. because I have my dreaded tax appointment and it takes me hours to get ready for that with all the booking-keeping I have to do since all the info was on my old comp that crashed!

I hope everyone's children are getting better. Izabell has missed a week of school running a fever of 104. We took her to urgent care Fri. night and they did a UA and drew blood. Her white cells were high and they checked for bacterial pneumonia and a kidney infection. Negative on both. Her fever finally broke last night! I'm glad for that because they wanted to see her again to run more tests if it didn't break by today. I kept her home again today because she hasn't eaten in 4 days and I wanted to get her strength back before she goes back out into the big ugly germ infested world!