Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pre- Easter

This was a very different year for us at Easter.We have had a hard time finding a church we really love. After attending Dixon Community Church for years, we stopped going about a year and a half ago. Things got to political and clicky. The weekend before Easter we attended a family BBQ with Cornerstone Baptist Church. Olivia and Izabell go to church there on Tues. evenings and love it. Ruben also likes this church. I like to "rock-out" a little more than what they offer. Maggie doesn't care for the youth group there so she attends Grace Fellowship on Wednesday evenings for their youth group and she feels at home there. We have been invited to a couple of other churches but have not put the effort into going. Sometimes it is easier to just not go. I always find something else to do on Sunday mornings. I don't know, maybe it is just a faze but I do miss it, especially during holidays!

We did have lots of fun with Cornerstone at the BBQ. Lots of great food, games, volleyball and even a softball game with the teens vs. adults. Maggie was the only girl on a team of high school boys. She did great and even struck out her dad!!!
They were off and running!!! Eggs for everyone..... Izabell was happy with her find!
Who says Maggie is too old to hunt for eggs?