Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My favorite time of year!!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love getting things decorated and going to the Christmas pageants. Maggie was invited to two 13 year old boys' party. She looked so grown up at only 12! Bell and Olivia sang in their Christmas pageant. We also went Christmas caroling one night with church which was a lot of fun.
Bell's party at school
Olivia's party at school. They (well some) of the kids dressed up colonial style.
Decorating the tree was great this year! The kids did all of it!


Maggie played some awesome basketball this year for CAJacobs!! She was first string and played most of every game except 1 because she was sick. She learned a lot which will help her when she starts youth BB in a week or so.Yes, she made this free throw....and the next one!!!

Not a stuff but she blocked the girl enough so the ball didn't go in!

Turkey Day

We started a new tradition 3 years ago and go to Dillon's beach with our neighbors and relatives for Thanksgiving. It is so much fun. A few people go there the Sat before to get a spot because there are tons of people there. You would be amazed at how many people spend their Thankgiving at the beach. Ruben, the girls and I went there on Sat night and stayed one night. We both had to work on Mon so we came back and left the trailer there with everyone else. Ruben went back on Mon night but I had to work through Wed. Here is some of the group. I think we ended up with 30 people + 10 extras that came for the day on Fri for the scavenger hunt. On Fri we had a scavenger hunt for all the kids.(I think there were 17) It is so much fun. We make a list of about 30-40 items the kids have to find. They have to go to each campsite and ask for items or look for them on the beach. Some things might be a candle, a wishbone, a zip tie, a can of green beans, a piece of gum. They have to get exactly what was asked for and they can only get 1 item from each camp spot.

GIRL POWER!! This is the winning team! They actually came in last but won because the team that got back first cheated. They got more than one item from each campsite. The other teams were missing one or two items. The prizes come from the $1 store and gift cards to Starbucks, Jamba Juice, etc. Everyone gets prizes from the box but the winning team gets the gift cards.

On the list was a seaweed whip with a ball on the end of it. Olivia was the handler of theirs. This isn't the traditional feast setting but we had all the traditional food. Deep fried turkey is the best!!

Besides the chaos of the kids, we had 13 dogs. 10 of which were labs. One went home early because she was in labor and had 12 puppies!

Poor Ginger was out numbered with all the big dogs. She was a vicious little thing but she had to be! All in all we had a blast!! My Mom, Dick, Gram and aunt Jill went also. I think we all like our new tradition!

End of Soccer!!! Yeah!!!

Maggie had a night game. It was pretty fun except for Izabell eating too much candy and getting sick on the way home.
Olivia had a great year. She is supposed to be resting her hip but she is a hard one to keep down.Izabell may be a goalie like her sisters. We'll see????
Izabell had her soccer partyand the girls had a blast running up and down the hallway of an enormous house. We call it the Taj Mahal.
Olivia's team had their party at a gymnatics place. This picture isn't great but it's the only one of the group. After the party, Olivia and Izabell both want to do gymnatics. NOT


I know what you're all saying...Halloween??? but it's Christmas!!! I know, I know but I am trying to get caught up since I have been such a lazy blogger..... Isn't Izaiah the cutest monkey?Without the headdress, Olivia would look like she was going to a football gameIzabell was a little oriental girl. She saw this dress at an antique store and wanted to wear it for Halloween

Maggie of course was at a basketball game so she didn't dress-up