Monday, March 26, 2007

Grab a coffe or soda

Ok I haven't blogged in a while being sick and busy. I am finally feeling better today. My ear is just plugged but I have a recheck tomorrow to make sure the pneumonia is on its way out and my ear infection is gone. So grab a coffee or soda and get caught up!

Who is this?

The rocker comes out in me!!!

If your a true fan, you would know... I love his CD and he is a great family guy. I hope being on the road doesn't ruin him!


More soccer.....
Maggie's passion for soccer is amazing. She loves to play anytime-anywhere. She is playing for school right now and loving it. Miss K is a great coach and Maggie loves her. It is a very short season and ends this Wed with a tournament. I am not able to see her out of town games because they are at 4:00 but have drug 12 kids down to the filed when it is a home game.

Did you say 60?

I didn't ever think of my mom as being 60! I still think of her in her 30's. My Gram and aunt Jill came over to help us celebrate then my aunt Vicki drove down from Oregon to surprise her. We had a nice relaxing day. Happy Birthday Ma, I love you!!!!


Our neighbor Mike turned 50 and wife Corinne surprised him at Bud's with 50 of his closest friends and family. He was really surprised. His mom, son and family drove from LA. Relatives from up north and our other neighbors who moved 3 years ago were all there. Chocolate Harley cake.......

Don't be a crab!

Hummm. where do you think we were? I can't believe how much crab we ate. Ruben was such a sweetheart and cracked all of mine for me. This was the first time we have ever been to a crab feed and it was a lot of fun!

Who said green?

Olivia's class had a contest to see who could wear the most green or be the most leprechaun like. She won for most leprechaun like because of her green mullet wig!


What is 4th grade known for? Missions- Olivia did San Francisco de Asis. The kits are wonderful! I am so glad her teacher said we could use one. When Maggie was in 4th, we had to make it from scratch.

More Pismo

We put Maggie incharge of the littler ones. She would just drive back and forth on the beach but it kept them all occupied. I think someone had too much to drink the night before......

More Pismo

Izabell and her first ride solo other than on her big wheels battery operated one. She's hooked!!! Olivia-balls to the walls.....

Maggie got up first thing in the morning riding in her jammies. That's why they call him the flying jalapeno. He loves to jump!
Time to go home....Olivia was in a mood and didn't want to leave.

Pismo Beach

I LOVE THE BEACH!! We went to Pismo Beach for President's day weekend with some old friends and we had a blast!! It wouldn't be a good trip unless someone gets stuck, It reminds me of the days we used to go jeeping with Jeff and James (high school buddies of mine). Someone would always get stuck in the mud or snow, now it's the sand!
They could almost be professionals! Ruben is in the middle.
The 3rd day we were their, there was a sand storm so we all locked ourselves in our camper. There was about 4 inches of sand on everything by the time it was over.

They have a ranger and it was cool because we wouldn't let the kids ride their quads at night but we were able to pile 7 of us in it and head out to watch the big boys race.....

Free energy

These windmills always amaze me. There is almost something peaceful seeing them across the landscape. Maybe I need a few for the summer so my electric bill isn't $500 again!!!


Last week the dogs were going crazy at 3am. I just kept getting up and telling them to shut-up. After I took the kids to school, I finally went out back to see what the problem was. Opossum was hanging out on the fence. I threw rocks at him and he won't move. The dogs finally stopped barking because I think they got used to him being there. I went out and looked later and he was gone. Then a couple hours later I'm at the doctor and Ruben called because the neighbor screamed bloody murder because her dog was chasing it. It then hung out next to the neighbors shed that is right outside my kitchen window. It stayed there for hours. Animal control said they won't come and get it unless it was dead so I guess we just had to wait for it to die. I threw rocks again at it. Poked it with a broom handle and it wouldn't move. We thought maybe it was in labor. Well the next morning when I got up, it was gone. Thank GOD. Those of you who know me, know I don't like rodents, especially ones that look like giant rats!!! EEEWWWW!!!! I don't know though, isn't his face is kind of cute???


Basketball has come and gone. The girls had a great season! Izabell did very well her first year. She made at least one basket every game. She can actually dribble with both hands which her sisters have just learned! (well not really but she's good at it) she is an excellent rebounder too!
Olivia had a blast this year. She had coach Fogels (husband and wife). I was listed as a coach( yah right) on the roster but only so she could be on their team. She learned a lot and was an awesome team player. She made 15 baskets in one game! Look out Bibby!
Maggie did well this year also. She was the only 7th grader with all 8th graders. The 8th graders can definately play a harder game than the 7th graders. Her team was undefeated! She made many 3 point shots.