Monday, May 07, 2007


Maggie had Renaissance Day at school and as if Nonnie didn't have enough to do-she made her this cute costume and mob(bonnet)

Maggie said it was fun but I think it was just because they didn't have class all day!

Pink eye or allergies?

I have been plagued with enough this year already!! Pneumonia in March, my knee out in April now it's May and look what I have. The doc says possible pink eye. I have had it now for a week and antibiotics for 5 days but I still have it, now in both eyes! I went to get my allergy shot Thurs and they put me on another med and told me to keep using my eye-drops. Hummm-I wonder what June will hold?

Paint Your Town Purple

May 1st was the kick-off for Relay for Life. It is called paint your town purple and as you can see we did just that. I painted the van, the grass, had purple balloons and streamers all over the yard and we all dressed in purple. The girls and I went to Safeway and decorated the whole shopping center. It was a lot of fun and turned some heads!


Other than Izabell being car sick to and from the most magical place on earth, we had a great time. What more can I say......... Mator-like Tamator without the Ta

We by-passed the tea-cups this time. Not sure if Izabell would have handled them with the motion.
Minnie Mouse-my favorite
Goofy-Izabell's favorite

The rest of my birthday

I did go out with my bunco pals to celebrate all the spring birthdays. I had fun spending a gift card they got me on flowers! (pics to follow)

Steph and Stacie.... Julie.......
Sorry you can's see faces
Trina, Cyndi and Kim
The girls Ruben and I also went to a freinds for a BBQ and icecream cake-Thanks Jen!!!

My Birthday

This is how I spent my birthday...a yard sale. We decided to have a yard sale to raise money for Relay for Life. We were contenplating all week because it was supposed to rain which it did but it held out until we were done. All my friends and neighbors were awesome and donated stuff!
I was going to have all the extra stuff picked-up but because of the rain, we just took it to goodwill

We ended up raising $227!!!!

In our spare time we build decks!

All the girls helped Daddy and Pompie build a deck. It kept raining so it was done in intervals. They had to get it done because Pompie had surgery a few days later and is laid up for a few months.


Yes softball has begun (well so has swimming but I haven't taken any pics yet) it seems like we are eating nachos or hotdogs 3 nights a week!

Maggie is pitcher and doing very well. She has been taking private lessons and has completely changed her style. Not unlike her to strike out 5-6 girls per game. She always pitches her max for the week (7 innings) then plays 1st base. Izabell is enjoying playing coach pitch this year. She really understands the game and is the only one her age group that slides into home!
Olivia is once again bored! She always wants more action. She too plays pitcher and 1st base and is getting better every game.

Old Sac

I went to the train museum with Izabell and her class last month. It was a lot of fun. I really can't believe I have never been. Bell was excited to go on her officail first train ride. Bell and her 2 best buds Heather and Bella.
Izabell was the engineer for a whole 30 seconds!

Easter riding

Sand Mountain was so packed until Sunday afternoon so after it cleared out a little, we made a track for the kids.

Here is Olivia trying to catch some air..... Maggie........
What's a camping trip without someone getting stuck? I guess having the best truck money can buy doesn't always pay-off, huh? Believe it or not but it took 2-4 guys digging, 25 people watching and a few beers and 2 hours to get this out!


We spent a not so traditional Easter at Sand Mountain in Nevada. One of natures mysteries. Let me tell ya, THERE IS A LOT OF SAND! Those little black dots aren't ants but quads or sand-rails. I went there when I was 14 and learned to drive a jeep. It wasn't favorite place then and it still isn't. Not a tree for miles , wind and too much sand! It is a quad riders heaven so everyone did enjoy themselves. I think this will b e a new traditon for Easter. I did miss going to sunrise service but I did get play a little Christian rock on Easter! Olivia has wanted a pink mohawk for her helmet and we finally found one, it was the last one!!
The kids did enjoy making some Easter crafts.......
And doing a huge Easter egg hunt. We came home with more eegs then we went with. I think all the kids got at least 100 eggs! James was our cook (Jeff too) I don't think I cooked a thing for 4 days!