Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'll save you some money and from getting a headache!!

Monday morning I went on-line to check my bank account balance. To my surprise there were 15 ATM charges to be posted that day that were not ours. After investigating I found a total of 21 charges to our account totaling about $700.00 that were not authorized by us. I called the bank and they told me I had to come in and fill out some paperwork. I loaded 7 kids up and went down there. I had to close our checking and cancel the ATM card. After 4 trips- I thought it was all ok until the next day more charges went through. Now we are up to $1100.

I have called a few of the companies that things were purchased from. All of them were on the Internet. They couldn't give me any information about who, what, when ....... because it is private. What the H-E double hockey sticks!!?? Private-what about my privacy??? One lady was very helpful though. She told me one of the charges was off-shore in Nigeria. People are hacking into big companies with computers, (Wal-Mart, Safeway, Mervyn's, Chevy's, McD's, ect.) getting credit card numbers and selling them to people out of the country because things are harder to track. The FBI has been investigating this for a while and are finding that they (the crooks) can even use your number without the 3 digit security code on the back. Basically don't use your ATM card even if the company you are dealing with is secure. These people are smart!! They sometimes only charge $20 bucks at a time to each card but multiply that by thousands of cards a day that they can get a hold of!!

My charges ranged from $1-$250. Luckily, I check my banking 1-2 times per week or we would have been totally sucked dry. My bank said they will cover it and any charges but it might take a week or two.

Now the next headache, all the automatic payments that debit or deposit every month. I forgot about those until today. More phone calls, more paperwork. The daycare kids have been great though. And the parents too. I had 3 parents pay me early because I don't have checks or an ATM card-but I wouldn't use that anyway!

So the moral of this story is-back to ancient times and use cash or a check!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FUN....... FOOD........
AND FAMILY..............
ONLY MEANS ONE THING................


Random action

THEEEE BEST PITCHER IN HER LEAGUE.... Olivia had a soccer tournament back in May.....

The flyin' jalapeno at Sand Mountain
The pretty princess at Sand Mountain, she even rode with her pink Crocs on


The other day I went into the girls' room like I do every morning to check on them, then shut the door so they can sleep-in. This is how I found Olivia. When she got up, I asked her what happened. She told me she got up in the middle of the night and was cold so she bundled up. Darn kids anyway. Why couldn't she sleep under the 10 blankets she has on her bed? Every night I tell them to crawl under the covers but they always sleep on top so it is easier to make in the morning. Go figure.....

Swimming in action

Swimming has started for the dolphins! Actually we only have 1 more meet then championships.

The girls are doing well. As always they love it in the beginning but start to hate the 8am practices about this time in the season!

Izabell is doing every stroke now and is our family breaststroker. She didn't get that from me because I hate it!

Backstroke is probably the hardest for her because she can't see when she is going to hit the wall and hasn't mastered the flag stroke count yet.
Olivia loves butterfly-she went to practice twice today because there is one girl that beats her every time and she wants to condition so she can beat her. OR maybe she a little crush on a boy that only goes to practice at night? Hummmmm.......
Maggie is at the top of her age group and doing quite well. I think as she gets older and IF she keeps swimming she will get better and better. She likes the distance races. She is in the top 3 for the 100yrd. free. That's 4 laps and she does them in just over a minute!!
Olivia had a great even start on her backstroke-I love this picture!
If you look real close all you can see is Izabell's pink toenails! I love this picture too!

Carly's birthday

Oliva and I went to Scandia for Carly's ( my God-daughters) 10th birthday. We went on a week night and boy that sure is the way to go! It doesn't tie up a weekend. The kids all had a blast! Daddy JP and Lily
Olivia on the golf course
Nathanial had to show his ball off- of course what do you expect from a boy?
The crazy bumpin' ride home. JP took his own car and it's a good thing because he would've never survived!

Wine Tasting

Ya know- I always get the picture at the wrong time- (eyes closed) I love my new camera (Nikon D80) but I really need to take a class on how to use all the settings! Maybe in the fall....

We went to our friends Rob and Steph's to do some wine tasting. It was fun and so relaxing.... Rob and Steph were rockin' hosts!!! We didn't do a thing! The did all the pouring and had great munchies!
We were supposed to cover our bottles to hide the label and this was the winner, it was cute with the poodle theme..... It was funny because we brought Riunite- a pretty good tasting CHEAP sparkling wine. Nobody could figure it out but most liked it!
Hopefully they will do it again because we really enjoyed ourselves!

Random Catch Up

Softball came and went. The girls have another trophy to add to their collections! 3 of my "boys" graduated!! GREAT job r-l: Danny, Alex and Teron!! 3 awesome young men and there mamas ( l-r: Chris, Corinne and Joy) celebrate before Grad Nite
All Izabell wanted for her birthday was Heely's. It took her about 2 days to learn how to use them.....I'd break my neck in an instant!
Girl power! Olivia is a dare devil! I think she is practicing before our next quad trip
Sometimes I sure feel like one!