Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Come and Gone

Soccer season has come and gone! The girls had a great year.

Izabell was one of the older girls on her team so she got to shine this year! They lost all their games except the last one were Izabell made the only goal!

Izabell loves playing goalie Olivia celebrates after making a goal! Olivia merged with another team this year and they won every game. I don't know what this is....looks like she's dancing!! Maggie quit metro soccer and went back down to a recreation soocer team. She played with an older U16 team but she held her own and had a blast!!!
CAJ volleyball has come and gone......... Maggie LOVES volleyball and wants to go to college on the coast so she can play sand volleyball. I guess I am prejudice but she is one of the best players on the team!! She can serve well and is a setter.

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