Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good report

I am back from the Dr. and had a good report!! All the swelling is almost gone and I have about 75% range of motion. All the pain I am still having is normal. I can put 10 pounds of pressure on it and add 5 pounds a do I do that?? Touching the ground is basically 10 pounds!!! No physical therapy for now. He wants me to try and do it on my own with a stationary bike and swimming. Ya right, like I'd swim right now in a non heated pool but Ruben and I are off to buy a bike tonight. Great, I'll have something to do besides stare at the dirty floor!!! I really shouldn't be so anal. There are a lot worse things to worry about. I guess I inherited it from my Mom!!!

The Dr. also told me if I am doing all I am supposed to and not supposed to, I could possibly get off the crutches and gadgets a week early!! WOW something to look forward to!!!

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