Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where am I headed?

Where am I headed? Well not far with this things!! (Not pictured: an other set of crutches for the shower, 2 bath chairs, one for in the shower, one for out of the shower and a lark) I am so sick of these things!! Everything hurts!!!My collar bone, my back, my armpits, the palms of my hands and my other knee.

I have a new found respect for the disabled. Although I can see how they can adapt with a little trial and error. I made dinner for the first time the other night. It wasn't too bad scooting around the kitchen on my walker. I don't like being at eye level with the stove though-that's kind of scarey!!

Speaking of dinner, I have a lot of wonderful friends who brought us food or had us over for dinner for 3 weeks!!! Thanks Jen, Julie, Steph, Rena, Trina, Sheila, Stacie, Kerry, Sharon, Vicki, Melissa, Tammy, Lorraine, Debbie, Mike, Mom and if I forgot anyone, I am sorry!!! You all have no idea what a huge help that was for my poor hubby!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

I do have a Dr.'s appointment this morning so stay tuned............

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