Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Tonight I went in for my first class. I met with the MA and she took my BP and weight. Unhappy to say that my weight is 209.9. WOW that's up, even from last Thursday! But even more serious was my BP, it was 160/100. That's bad:( All the more reason to be doing this! I met with the Nurse Practitioner and we went over my labs. Not too bad. CBC, liver and kidney function were fine. Cholesterol was 184 and blood sugar was 101. I then met privately with the Behaviorist and went over my plan one on one. Her name is Louise and I love her! After this I had an hour long class of learning the program, what and what not to do/eat and question time. I think I can do this, not gonna be easy but I CAN DO THIS!!

As I was leaving, one of the ladies who just finished week one said to me "enjoy your last supper", so I did and went to Dos Coyotes!

I got home and filled in the family a little bit. Olivia is the most supportive and really cares and is so excited for me. Maggie and Izabell are like "how'd your thingy go?" Maggie jokes and says "did you have to get up and say, my name is Lisa and I'm an alcohlic?" Haha! Ruben says he will be supportive. I'm sure it will be hard for him too since he loves food so much! And Momma won't be cookin all his meals! I then called my Mom and talked to her about it. She hurt my feelings a little. Not meaning to, just the normal Mom concerns. "Isn't it going to be hard through the holidays, who's going to cook all the meals, will you be able to just put a pot of soup on, can you have drinks over the holidays?" These are all legitimate concerns and I have thought about all of it but really Mom, when have I ever let my family down.....really let them down? I will let them down if I continue on this path of a slow death and maybe even have a stroke or heart attack! I will manage, we will manage :)

Tomorrow morning I start the "food". If that's what you call it! All liquid with some variation of flavor and consistency. Until then, I'm going to go enjoy my last peanut butter cup and a HUGE glass of milk!


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