Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some of the team

Thanks Allison and Stacie Olivia was in an eating contest and lost by 1.
Ben was also in the eating contest and went on to round 2 which was the getting dressed round then the jump rope round which he won!

Thanks Giardino's Thanks Chavez'


The Powerful Pink People took part in the 3rd annual Relay again this year. I wasn't totally prepared this year. My heart wasn't in it like last year because I have been so busy and sick. I couldn't have done it without my awesome team! We didn't have as many memebers this year but we managed. I walked several times but my favorite was at 4 am. I blasted Chris Daughtry and Def Leppord on my iPod and cruised. It was a great time to clear my head and remember why we are doing Relay.

Many of your friends and their families have been touched by cancer this year. Rod Johnson our old neighbor lost his mother last weekend June, 9th to her battle with cancer. They also found more brain tumors in Rod and he has been having seizures. Unfortunately, he was unable to make the trip for the funeral because of his health..........keep up the fight Rod!!!

This was our campsite. We sold chapstisk, popcorn and snowcones. A big thanks to Robert and Christina for bringing all the equipment and staying for the duration. Maggie's school project decorated our site. She did visual boards about breast cancer and about Relay. We were lucky enough to have 2 survivors walk with our team. My Mom and my Gram. My Mom has ac lean bill of health and my 82 year old Gram is a 32+ year survivor!!!
One of the most touching parts of Relay is the luminaria ceremony. HOPE spelled out in white bags lit up tell us why we are here. Hope for a Cure so that maybe someday our children will not have to deal with this horrible disease.
The survivors were treated to a special dinner, bingo and prizes.

During the opening ceremony, all the survivors darn their purple shirts and take the first lap. There are people of all ages. Each with their own story of survival and some still battling. When you see kids out there, it especially saddens you heart. This year there was 2 or 3 year old with a purple shirt on being carried by his mother....THAT IS WHY WE RELAY!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mother's Day

Yes, I'm a little late but I'm trying to play catch up.

This year I was spoiled for Mother's Day!!! I woke up to Starbuck's in bed. Then I walked out into the kitchen and had 3 dozen roses-one from each girl!!! They were beautiful!! They were all so worried I'd see how much they cost so they put a piece of duct tape over the price tag!! the tag was on the inside of the vase....I think that is 1,000,001 uses for duct tape!!

And from my honey...a new PINK quad!!! I love it and it is all automatic so it doesn't hurt my bod!!! Auto start, auto gears, auto's radical dude!!! It has white hibiscus all over it. When you ride around the dunes you have to have a flag. Most of the women have one that says princess and that is what they call me around camp so I ordered me a special one that says PRINCESS MY A_ _, I'M THE QUEEN!!!
And the highlight of our day was to have GG and aunt Jill join us for brunch at Bud's!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

My baby is 7!!!

I can't believe my precious little one is 7!! I remember when I got pregnant with her. I was hoping for another sweet girl. Boy did I get a sweet one!! She is my cuddler and sweet talker. She is very shy and sensative. She is athletic like her sisters but she is a girlie girl unlike the other 2. I think she grew up over night! She wanted to wear a skirt to school today. She wanted me to curl her hair, put body glitter on her and she put lip gloss on. As her shirt says...she is the drama queen!!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Eye update -You know......all I wanted was a little sympathy!!

After going to the regular Dr. a few times because my eyes were not clearing up and then I was going blind in my right eye, I finally went to the opthomologist. I have a condition called Blepheritis. It's a virus on my inner-upper lid and on my cornea. I went from seeing perfect to 20/200 in about a week. The few days before I went to the optho, I was scared because I have always seen perfect. I thought macular degeneration or something horrible like my Papa. Not being able to focus on anything was frustrating. I really feel for those of who have to rely on glasses.

When I got home from the docs I told Ruben what I had. No big deal to him!!! It's not his eyes!! He just told me to stay away from him because he didn't want it!! It's not contagious though and now things are clearing up. All I wanted was a little sympathy from him.....

After being away for the weekend, I noticed my eyes are getting better...Hallelujah!!!! The left one is still a little blurry but I can deal with that!!!I could've paid for laser eye surgery with all the money I have spent at the pharmacy!! Maybe I should've went to bunco last month to win all the money with my pity-pot story!!!