Sunday, April 30, 2006


I went out with my Bunco group for dinner at BJ's Brew House in Vacaville to celebrate mine and 5 other birthdays. It was great! As always I got spoiled and this is one of the presents they got me. I had asked for a camping table because we are officially going on our first camping trip this weekend. I also got 2 outfits and some beads. Awesome stuff! Ruben said it is perfect and had to put a bottle of wine and a beer on it to show we are ready! Thanks everyone who went, that reads my blog!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WHAT? Do they think it's summer?

The girls started spring break this week and they are already bored. I put them to work cleaning my van. Then they wanted to go swimming. The pool is 68 and a bit chilly for Maggie and I but the other 2 thought it was perfect and it gave them a chance to use their new pool toys they got from the Easter Bunny. We are definately ready for summer!
I think Maggie did most of the work!

Ginger is watching. Being the lifeguard as usual!

First one in the pool this year!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I didn't win most buncos but I got 2nd most buncos and got a cool frame and disposable camera.The highlight of my evening was when 2 handsome young men brought over a bouquet of roses and jasmine to me for my birthday. I share my birthday with Justin (Trina's son) and they live across the street from where bunco was. Their dad helped them pick them, then Justin and Jake brought them over with a card. Made me feel very special!!! Thanks guys!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Well I really screwed up the last blog. I forgot
pictures of Bell! My computer has been acting
wacky lately! The first ball she hit from the
coach. The second one she hit from the tee.

Olivia sometimes gets bored. She said there is
not enough action!

Serious Bell, playing 3rd.

Softball started!!!

What a busy week we had. Softball finally started and we had 5 games between Tues. and Thurs. and soccer try-outs for Fall after their games. I forgot how cute the little one's are when they are playing. Maggie and Olivia both pitched and did great. Maggie struck out 5 girls in 2 innings which was awesome!!! Next week will be much of the same, swimming starts and Maggie is trying out for a traveling Basketball team!

Fun Fun... I have bunco tonight and I AM GOING TO WIN because it is my birthday and I deserve it since I have never won most buncos!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pioneer Day

Olivia and her class are having a Pioneer Day at school today. All her classmates had to dress like they would've in 1854 and then they were going to the Old Sac School House Museum to have a day in class. She had to take her lunch in a basket and everything was wrapped in wax paper. Her teacher even called last night to get my permission for Olivia to be the Dunce. At first Olivia didn't want to do it but then I explained she was the only one picked! Thanks again to Nonnie for making her skirt and getting her outfit together!!! As always, it looks adorable!!


I guess she has the teeth for it!
Izaiah Josef (I call him Joey) and his Great-Great Gram. He is such a cutie!
Just in time for Easter. This is Ruby. Ruben's sister couldn't take care of her because she is never home so she brought her over to us last Wed. She is very smart and litter box trained!
On Easter, we went to church at Cornerstone and then to brunch and an egg hunt at my moms. Then I made a ham and trimmings for dinner for the 5 of us. Rubens first home cooked meal in a week! He was tired of eating out. Hope you all had a good holiday!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

DVD Party

After we picked up Ruben from the airport, we had to go to a DVD party at 4:30 for Maggie's Mexico trip. We went out to the LeFever's house. What a neat place! They live in one of the old dairy homes in Dixon on Doyle Ln. The house is over 100 years old! There were about 60-70 of us and we all fit in 2 rooms watching this DVD. It was really fun. Here is Maggie playing BB with all her classmates. Gotta love all that hair!
Chris Bushey is awesome (what a character). He roasted a pig and did all the editing on the DVD. It was great to watch. It put alot more perspective on what went on in Mexico.
More BB. Maggie is the only girl in her class that plays BB. She gives the boys a run for their money! Notice Olivia trying to hang with the big guys!


Ruben flew in at 3:40 yesterday afternoon. He had a boring week and was very homesick. He complained that I didn't pick him up at the airport when he and Maggie got home from Mexico and everyone made signs for their loved ones. So we surprised him and made him one, with balloons too! He even stopped on his way down from the terminal and got me a white mocha!! Olivia was a bear all week and even in this picture because we couldn't go up and wait for him when he got off the plane. I too am really glad he's home!! Just in time for Easter.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The prom

If I ever had a boy, I'd want them to be like Alex (my neighbor, white tux)or Danny his buddy!!!! Aren't they handsome?

Jelly Belly

On Monday, we went to the Jelly Belly factory and stocked up on jelly beans!!! Nice pose Chris!!!

More of our weekend with Chris and Kim

On Sunday the 26th, we went to Santa Cruz. We all had to have ice cream even though it was a bit chilly outside
The girls had fun looking for sand crabs and shells.
Lizard tongue!
I think they ended up only finding 1 crab. The coast had been flooded real bad recently and there was so much debris

Monday, April 03, 2006

Leaving again....

What a bummer day! I broke a tooth on Friday night. I went to the dentist today and I have to have a root-canal tomorrow morning, then maybe a crown? Not sure yet. Then Ruben called me and told me he is leaving for LA on Sat. for a week. Not fair! He was just gone for a week and now another week all within 30 days! Olivia is beside herself. She doesn't want him to leave again. I don't know how some of you do it with your spouses being gone all the time. I guess I get a taste of single-parenting again.....not to mention a cold bed.......

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Chris and I have known each other for almost 30 years! (Man I'm old)! We used to live next door to each other for about 6 years. One day we "accidently" crashed into each other on our bikes. We have been friends ever since. When I was 11, my parents divorced and we moved from that neighborhood. Chris and I have always been in touch. When I was 15, Chris moved to Texas and I would go spend summers there. Since then,she has moved back to CA, Colorado and now back to Texas so her boys could be closer to their dad. We have always been there for each through thick and thin! Her parents have always joked that she needs to be more like me because I am the more "responsible" one not to mention she is a slob! (sorry Chris)Chris and I are total opposites. But really, I wish I could sometimes be more like her because she is easy going and carefree. She doesn't sweat the small stuff! Love ya Chris!!!

Chris and her friend Kim came for a visit the weekend of March 25th. I have met Kim twice before when I have gone to Texas. What a busy weekend. They got here on Thurs. night. On Friday, we went to visit Chris's grandparents whom she hasn't seen in few years. Her grandmother made us a great lunch and we visited for a couple hours. (Thanks Lila!) On Saturday after Maggie and Olivia's last BB games we (adults) headed to S.F. Kim really wanted to go to Alcatraz but we got there 15 minutes after the last fairy went out and they were sold out until Mon. So all we got was this picture.

We had lunch on Pier 39, walked around and shopped. Ruben was a great sport. He had just gotten home from Mexico the night before and was tired but he drove and was our tour guide. (Thanks mom for watching the girls!!)

This is Kim, she has never been to CA but she loves it! She wants to move here after she publishes her first book!

The city really is a cool place to visit, but I'm always glad when we are across those bridges and on our way home!

This is Chris. She truely is a California girl! She loves the beach!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Softball-Where's the Sun?

No rest for us! Basketball was over last weekend and softball starts today! All three are playing so we will be at the ball field 4 nights a week. I guess we'll be eating a lot of hot dogs for dinner from the snack bar!Almost a total rain out. What a bummer. All the games were cancelled but we still had to be out there at 7:45 for pictures and opening ceremonies. Izabell's coach Miss Nancy is awesome. She had them occupied playing simon says with the girls while they were waiting for the opening ceremonies to start. Bell is so excited and can't wait to play her first game which will probably be rained out!!!
I can't believe Maggie is actually one of the taller kids on her team. She is in the back row next to the coach. She definately didn't get it from me or dad!
Olivia of course at the head of her team line during opening ceremonies. It was short and sweet and we were glad because we were freezing!!

Is this my child?

You couldn't tell by looking at this picture that this is Olivia. She truely looks like an Indian princess. Her teacher has a marble jar at school that they filled for good behavior and they had an Indian themed party. They played indian games and ate venison, pheasant and other weird meats. She and I made her head dress and Nonnie made her outfit. Thanks Non, it was perfect!